Antique Textiles

Our passion for collecting antique fabrics enables us to create and repair soft furnishings using original, vintage fabrics and trimmings. We have made-up, revived or lined armour for medieval knights and their horses – even elephant and dog armour!! Other projects have included pistol cases using antique fabrics and the delicate and intricate mending of heraldic banners, wall hangings, and tapestries. Last year we re-covered a four poster bed dated 1665.
We undertake repair and rejuvenation projects for private clients from across the country. Repair and the invisible mend of antique pieces is an exacting art, and demands the greatest of care and skill. Not all projects we handle are antique. Some are replicas, and we even tackle the big stuff too

Our largest project to date was a 60ft by 40ft marquee, styled as a Turkish war tent and requiring over 10,000 individually stitched shapes and designs, creating a dazzling interior and marquee lining. This commission was completed for a client’s private party. Having a sense for the outrageous helps fuel our creative skills!

We have repaired a Victorian shawl made of very fine wool in a beautiful Paisley design. We found a similar lightweight flecked wool from The Isle Mill fabrics in Scotland which we backed onto the shawl and stab-stiched together. It looks beautiful and will now last for a long time and can be used. What a wonderful time we had doing it!

Currently we are renovating an enormous desert parasol, which originally came from the Middle East. We are replacing the lining and repairing the outer cover, which has an attractive simple motif design. It takes two people to move it because of the weight of the central pole, even with the fabric being a fine fairly loose weaved linen!





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